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Tips for Taking a Quiz

Avoid Wi-Fi Connections

Avoid using a public Wi-Fi connection when taking a quiz. Even with a personal Wi-Fi connection, make sure you have a strong and reliable connection before attempting the quiz. If the signal is weak or there is a brief interruption of service during the activity, you may be unable to submit. Wireless Internet is not always as reliable as a wired connection because it can be affected by interference from other devices. A hardwired internet connection is always recommended when taking quizzes.

Avoid Scrolling in a Quiz Window

Be careful when scrolling and moving within a quiz window. Answers may be changed when you:

  • Click near an available answer and it was selected, essentially changing the original selection.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts, arrow keys, and/or the tab and enter keys; these could change selected answers.
  • Moodle will NOT change selected answers on its own.

Saving Answers

Answers not saved are stored in temporary memory and are lost if the page changes for any reason, even accidentally. Periodically click the Save without submitting button so your answers are saved to the server. While working on an essay in another application, periodically (every 10 minutes), go back to the Moodle browser window and click the Save without submitting button. This tells Moodle you are still taking the quiz, and Moodle will not time you out.

Timing Out

If you are timed out, try accessing another DGE web site. If another DGE web site will not load, try another non-DGE web site. If that won't load either, the problem is most likely with your Internet connection. If you can load non-DGE web pages, but you can't load DGE web pages, probably we are in maintenance mode.

Saving Quizzes

Saving a quiz is NOT instantaneous. When you click the button to start a quiz, computer speeds, including client and server, determine how quickly the quiz is displayed and affects actions such as saving and submitting the quiz. If you have limit on the time allowed to take a quiz, plan on saving and submitting your attempt with a few minutes remaining on the countdown timer.

Checking Grades & Feedback

  1. Click on quiz link.
  2. Click Attempt quiz now button.
  3. Answer questions.
  4. Make sure to click Save my answers button time to time, so your answers will not be lost if a problem should occur while taking the quiz.
  5. When ready click Submit all and finish button.
  6. Click on quiz link.
  7. You will see your attempt with the score received. If allowed, you will be able to click on the attempt and review its details, along with instructor comments, if any.
  8. You can also check all of your grades by clicking the Grades link in the Administration block, which is located on every course homepage in the upper left corner.
Last modified: Saturday, 12 October 2013, 11:09 PM