Discussion forums

Discussion forums

The activities mostly used in DGELE are discussion forums and submitting course work (files and/or written work) and quizzes.

Learning tasks in DGELE can be submitted in discussion forums as attachments that all course participants are able to read, but often there are separate submission activities for various written tasks: uploading files or writing texts that only teachers can read.

Discussion forum (eg. Ice Breaker Forum)

On the front page of the discussion forum you can see the topics (titles) of messages, the name of the person who has started a discussion (and possibly his/her picture), number of replies, number of unread messages and the date and time of the latest posting. In forums with groups there is an additional drop-down menu for group selection above the list of discussion topics. Postings from the discussion forums can also be searched by key words (button Search forums).

You can also subscribe postings to your personal email from the link Subscribe to this forum in the Administration block on the first page of each discussion forum if the default subscription is not on.

New discussion threads are begun by clicking the button Add a new discussion topic.

In the sample discussion forum there are is a discussion thread. Messages can be opened by clicking on the title of each topic.

Note: in forums with groups, first select the right group in the drop-down menu before starting to write the message.

The discussion messages are sent to participant email after a 30 min delay. During the 30 min time, you have the possibility to edit your message.

DGELE forwards sent messages every 10 minutes (full hours + n x 10min). You still have the 30 min time to edit your message, when needed.

In DGELE, discussion postings accumulate in threads and they are indented. All users can change the visual view so they can look at the postings in threaded or nested form, the newest posting on top. The posting view can be updated from the dropdown file (pointed by an arrow in the picture) on top of the discussion page.

You answer a posting by clicking Reply.

The title of the reply posting is copied automatically from the original posting, but it is important to update it in a form that best describes your message in your reply posting. You can edit and delete your own postings for 30 minutes after sending the posting, but not after that. If you need to edit or delete postings later on, contact your course teacher or administrator.

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