Profile settings

Profile settings

You can check your user profile after you have logged in by clicking your name on the top right hand corner (as an example You are logged in as Student Studentidis)

or by choosing View profile in the Navigation block anywhere. Note that your profile is personal and is shown on all your courses.

You can edit your profile information by choosing Edit Profile in the Administration block.

You can edit your profile information with the following details:

Email display: You can choose how publicly your email address is shown. The alternatives are

1) no-one. NOTE that if you decide to select alternative 1, your email address is not even shown in emails sent from e-learning platform. Therefore, no-one can reply to you the messages by email; the replies instead end up in trash.,

2) everyone can see your email address

3) only the members of your courses can see your email (standard setting),

Email digest type: You can define how you receive information on messages from discussion forums in your courses to your personal email.

If the discussion forums are very active, it is best to choose "Subjects (daily email with subjects only). Then you will receive only one digested message per day from DGELE discussion forums (which you have subscribed or your teacher forces you to subscribe). You can also subscribe each discussion forum separately; in this case you will receive notifications in full to your personal email: "No digest (simple email by forum post)"

Forum auto-subscribe: This defines how you can subscribe discussion forums to your email - by default when you enter a discussion forum or only when you subscribe a certain discussion forum (forum per forum).

Usually, in the beginning of a course, it is useful to choose "Yes: when I post, subscribe me to that forum". Later in the course you can change the default into "No: don't automatically subscribe to forums". Even after this choice, you can subscribe individual discussion forums that are active at the time.

Preferred language: the default language usually is English, but other languages are possible as well.

Picture: You can add your picture to you profile, which is then shown to the members of your courses, e.g. in participant lists and discussion forum postings.

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