DGE combines decades of educational experience with a new, contemporary, student-friendly and affordable e-learning environment. Whether you work full or part-time or you are a student, DGE provides a course schedule to meet your needs. In DGE, we believe that learning can take place anywhere and e-learning options help to make this a reality.
The aim of DGE is to provide educational programs and activities designed to meet contemporary needs and interests.

Selection of Themes

The e-learning themes are chosen to cover a wide range of interests and are intended for those seeking to expand their knowledge in innovative topics that can also have a direct practical application.

For the theme selection, DGE’s academic associates collaborate with instructors from widely recognized institutions worldwide.
Our program for 2014-2015 includes twelve courses and seminars, some of which are offered free of charge.

Learning & Testing Procedures

The e-learning programs are provided with the supervision of experienced educators who are available for regular communication with the trainees. In some e-learning courses and seminars, theory can be supplemented with 2-4 weeks of practical training in Greece which can be combined with a vacation, as well as with acquaintance with the country’s history, culture and natural beauty.

Each educational and training activity is supervised by experts, hence ensuring the academic accuracy of the course content. The educators propose assignments/projects related to the subject taught each week, and based upon the project evaluation, provide weekly feedback to the trainees. The training material for each unit taught is gradually uploaded online until the completion of the course, so that trainees can access it at their convenience. Each trainee is expected to study the proposed material, as well as submit the relevant assignment, according to the schedule set by the course coordinator. On completion of the e-learning course, the trainees take a common e-test, and those who receive a grade of over 50% receive the “Course certificate”.

Technical Support

Our e-learning program is based on the Moodle e-learning Platform, backed by continuous technical support. A facilitator is always available for all trainees, in order to help overcome any technical difficulty that may arise.

Ongoing Learning

The learning experience does not end on the completion of the e-learning course. All participants can subscribe to receive regular updates, both on topics relevant to the course attended, as well as on other topics of broader interest.