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Course Code: CC1160214
Starts: 01 December, 2014
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Instructors: Katerina Souli
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SGTuCourse Description

One of the strongest ties that bind Greeks living abroad withGreeceis the knowledge and use of the Greek Language.

Access to the internet has been invaluable for those who live abroad and have decided to cultivate their Greek language skills further.

We in DGE utilizing the long experience of our colleagues as well as the potential of technology, have developed training material that will assist mainly young people of Greek origin living abroad and who have limited opportunities to use the Greek language, to acquire knowledge that will allow them to speak, write and communicate in Greek.

The training material is intended for students whether beginners, advanced or proficient and every participant will be classified accordingly into one of these categories in accordance with his knowledge (and ability?)

Supervision of progress is individualized for each participant, as is guidance, evaluation and rate of progress.

Participants of the same level of proficiency and similar rate of progress will be able to participate in group assignments (projects?), thus besides language learning they will experience group work with common objectives.

The training material has been planned so as to provide a pleasant, student-friendly learning experience. The topics used are drawn mainly from Greek History, Mythology, Culture, Traditions as well as the Natural Marine and Terrestrial Environment……….

Thus participants besides knowledge of language, they become familiar/with the idea ofGreece.

In our programmes we combine the beneficial uses of technology with the advantages of personal tutoring and live instructor-participant communication during the e-learning period as well as during the optional one-month summer programme. This programme involves practice of the Greek Language through activities such as:

  • Getting to know the terrestrial, marine, plant and animal environment
  • Gaining knowledge of Greek history and Tradition

These are provided under the continuous supervision of experienced instructors and guides.

In addition, this is an opportunity for a vacation on a Greek island.

Training material

Training procedure

The training material is divided into three levels.

1st level: for beginners, the final aim being to acquire the ability of daily communication.

2nd level: for advanced students, to gain basic skills in the Greek language.

3rd level: for more advanced students leading to a certificate of proficiency in the Greek language.

The courses at all levels are made up of 35 lessons of 1 – 2 hour duration, given once a week, requiring 2 – 4 hours of study each, held over the course of one school year.

The lessons are uploaded on the internet every Friday apogevma (???????Elliniki ora 4-5) and every participant can visit the site at any convenient time until the end of the 35-week period.

Together with material for each lesson, exercises or educational games will also be uploaded for the participants who must then send this work to their personal tutors within one week at the latest. The personal tutor will reply to every participant within 48 hours, with comments and evaluation.

Cost and Terms

You may participate in the e-learning training under the terms:

Full access to training material and to all training procedure, which include:

  • Personal tutoring
  • Tests
  • Evaluation of the tests and recommendations of the instructor on a personal basis
  • Live communication between participants and instructors (forum, live chat, voice call)
  • Communication among participants
  • Final e-testing
  • Certification of the successful completion of the course

Course cost,

For individual participation:

€280.00 Add to cart

For group participation:

For 2 – 4 persons 5% less for each

For 5 – 10 persons 10% less for each

For group participation please contact us.