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Seminar Code: CS2141213
Starts: 01 December, 2014
Duration : 3 weeks
Instructors: Panos Milios
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Seminar Description

  • Analyse migrants needs in terms of basic local language knowledge in relation to financial matters, financial terminology, basic financial documentation as well as specifics of financial systems in partner countries in order to fullfil their everyday needs
  • Compare good practices used for introducing basic local language on financial matters and basic country specific financial operations in old EU member states as well as in new EU member states
  • Collect materials for the development of an essential Kit for migrants
  • Organise and implement trainings together with language professionals and financial experts to representatives of migrant communities in order to cascade that training to ultimate beneficiaries-migrants from the partner countries
  • Collect materials to create and develop an active web portal with the support and direct involvement of social partners

Aims of the seminar

To work together with social partners, such as migrant communities and financial institutes, to create a Europe wide network of relevant institutes in order to reach migrants in partner countries, and to improve their integration into local society by providing them with opportunities to gain language skills on basic financial matters.

Target Groups

  • Migrants to old EU member states
  • Migrants to new EU member states
  • Migrant community organisations
  • Financial institutes
  • Education institutes (adult educators and financial experts involved in trainings)
  • Other support organisations to migrant communities

General Information

The training material of the seminar was developed for the E.U. Project INTEGRA:

PROJECT INTEGRAMigrants Integrating Kit – Basic Language for Dealing with Financial Matters
LEADER Soros International House (Lithuania)
  • DIAN – Training and Management Activities  (Greece)
  • Dialoge language institute (Germany)
  • Instituto de Formacion y Studios Sociales IFES (Spain)
  • Bremen University (Germany)
  • Hazreti Suleyman Egitim Vakfi (Turkey)
  • Smashing Times Theatre Company (Ireland)
  • Pressure Line V.O.F.(Netherland)
  • EuroEd Foundation (Romania0
  • DHE Solutions Ltd. (United Kingdom)
  • Academy of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (Poland)


All the participants will be informed every 3 months by electronic Newsletter on courses, seminars, activities, books, articles. etc. related with the course they have attended.

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Seminar Contents

The content of the seminar is included in the following presentation and has been translated in 10 languages:

  • English
  • Lithuanian
  • Greek
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Dutch
  • Romanian
  • Polish
  • Bulgarian

Learning Material

  • Useful phrases and glossary.
  • Simulations.
  • Country specific financial tips.

Useful Links

  • Links to dictionaries.
  • Links to financial institutions or other support organisations working with migrants.
  • Links to migrant communities.
  • Links to other projects working on migrant integration issues.
  • Contact details for migrant community representatives.

Cost and Terms

To have full access to the training material of this seminar the cost is:

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