Green Cultivation Actions

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Starts: 01 December, 2014
Duration : 7 weeks, 2-3 hours/week
Instructors: Panos Milios
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Green CultivationSeminar Description

Despite the ongoing improvement of the quality of life of people around Europe
in general, there are still certain rural regions in EU-countries where the
agricultural sector has been affected both by the international and the European
environment. In these areas in several cases there is:

  • a marked decrease in youth entrepreneurship related to agriculture,
  • lack of knowhow regarding the new effective methods of cultivation and the
  • promotion of their products,
  • below average educational level,
  • lack of environmental conscience in a big number of cultivators

Overall aims of the project are to provide adequate training to farmers that will
benefit the socio-economic growth of their areas. This will be achieved through
creation of training material on the following topics:

  • Use of prototype greenhouses incorporating use of alternative energy sources, water management irrigation methods etc.,
  • Use of modern technology for the marketing and sale of the products in theEuropean market via auctions on the internet,
  • Accreditation of production methods and products,
  • Investigation of the possibilities and conditions for the processing of the products


Both the educational material and the seminars on the above mentioned topics will
contribute to the success of the following goals:

  • Upgrading the underdeveloped rural areas by improving the income and the living conditions of the in inhabitants (sustainable development of rural areas)
  • Limitation of the abandoning of rural areas mainly by young people
  • Creation of new jobs, not only in the agricultural sector, but also in other sectors that support agriculture
  • Disconnection between the income and the traditional cultivations
  • Development of environmental conscience initially to the farmers involved (through the use of environmentally friendly agricultural practices), and also to the local communities
  • Involvement of ICT based systems (web-auction platform) in training, promoting and selling products

Target Group

The target group of the seminar is farmers (younger and older) or unemployed people who
live in or come from underdeveloped rural areas.
The educational material and the seminars will aim to transfer knowledge and knowhow in the following areas:

  • Use of energy sources that do not rely on oil for the heating of greenhouses, driers, etc, and for the fuelling of the machines that are used in the cultivation or processing of products
  • Use of irrigation methods that demand the smallest possible quantity of water
  • Use of modern technology for the marketing and sale of the products in the European market via auctions on the internet
  • Accreditation of production methods and products
  • Investigation of the possibilities and the conditions for the processing of the products
  • Search for non-traditional agricultural products for the area and their production, which will have higher demand in the national and European markets
General Information

The training material of the seminar was developed for the E.U. Project:  ECO-AGR:

PROJECT ECO-AGRGreen Cultivation Actions
LEADER Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Trikala (Greece)
  • Drujestvo «Znanie» -Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • MKV International Consulting Training and Trade Company Limit (Turkey)
  • Faragas Country Sunrise (Romania)
  • DIAN Training and Management Activities (Greece)
  • Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Bologna (Italy)
  • University of Debrecen  (Hungary)
  • University of Oradea (Romania)

All the participants will be informed every 3 months by electronic Newsletter on courses, seminars, activities, books, articles. etc. related with the course they have attended.

  LLP Logo The ECO-AGR Project was co-financed by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme.    EACEA Logo


Seminar Contents

Lesson 1

Training Material

Section 1. Renewable Energy

Lesson 2

Training Material

Section 2. Water Management

2.1. Waste Water Management

2.2. Soil and Water Management

Lesson 3

Training Material

Section 3. Green Management

3.1. Rural resources

3.2. Market and Policy aspects

Lesson 4

Training Material

Section 4. Fruits and Vegetables

4.1. Fruit and Vegetable processing

4.2. Fruit and Vegetable storage

4.3. Apple Cultivation technology

Lesson 5

Training Material

Section 5. Grains

5.1. Processing of agricultural products (Grains)

5.2. Storage of agricultural products (Grains)

5.3. Tomato growing

Lesson 6

Training Material

Section 6. Sustainable Production

6.1. Sustainable Sunflower production

6.2. Sustainable Maize production

6.3. Sustainable Barley production

6.4. Sustainable Wheat production

Lesson 7

Training Material

Section 7. Certification of Agricultural Products

Extra Material

Simplified Material

Cost and Terms

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  • To receive the “Newsletter”

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