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Course Code: CC1130114
Starts: 01 December, 2014
Duration : 7 weeks, 2-3 hours/week
Instructors: Vassilis Kopsacheilis
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The 2008 financial crisis has establish a new era; an era where inspired investors, notable entrepreneurs, non-state financial institutions and ambitious funds have finally gained an important position in world affairs. For many decades, they competed with state sovereigns for a distinct position in world geopolitical affairs. This course defines and examines the role of the geo-entrepreneurs in world history; the role of people of money and market institutions in global geopolitical affairs. Their story is dated back since the Crusades, and it was developed alongside the evolution of political authority and state formation in Europe. Particularly, in this course we examine:

  • The formation of nation-states and the evolution of the International System,
  • The definition and distinction of Geo-entrepreneurship as a special category in international business and in global political affairs,
  • The historical evolution of Geo-entrepreneurship throughout the centuries.

However, this course aspires to move further, indicating contemporary trends in world affairs. Most notable, is the steady assignment of national sovereignty to a new collective body called “Global Government”. In turn, present-day geo-entrepreneurs are attempting the creation of the first “Geo-entrepreneurial Empire” that is a new non-territorial reality that comes with proposals for a global society to which “Global Government” still cannot provide answers. Inevitably, we predict, that during the course of our century, these two poles will compete for spatial domination. Through this later observation, we would like to introduce participants into:

  • The workings in the International System,
  • To give an indication about the mechanism of change in International Affairs, and finally,
  • To provide an alternative view about the Past, Present and the Future of Global Affairs.

Course description and aims:

This course is specially designed for people, students or graduates, with no previous knowledge of international relations or business history. In this course we manage to describe and define geo-entrepreneurship by examining historical and contemporary cases. The timeless antagonism between the competitive forces of globalization and those of national sovereignty is best described through geo-entrepreneurship. Our aim is to describe selective historical and contemporary features of geo-entrepreneurship, to set the criteria and define the phenomenon. Above all, our aim is to give participants the sense of continuity in international politics and basic indications on how non-accountable geo-entrepreneurial actors challenge sovereign powers in foreign policy decision-making. In this introductory course we are going to:

  • Introduce participants in the basic principles and the workings of the international system today, and within its historical context
  • Introduce participants in geo-entrepreneurship; to indicate the basic criteria that distinguish macro-entrepreneurial activity from geo-entrepreneurial activity, and finally to describe the relationship between geo-entrepreneurs and the sovereigns
  • Examine geo-entrepreneurship through notable historical examples
  • Ask participants to indicate other forms and examples of geo-entrepreneurship

General Information: 

All participants will be informed every 3 months by electronic Newsletter on courses, seminars, activities, books, articles, etc in relation to the course they have attended.


“Certificate of Attendance” will be issued by DGE to the participants who scored 50% or more in the final evaluation.

Course Contents:

Week 1 – Lesson 1

The Geo-entrepreneurial Reality in World Affairs

  • Historical Origin and Structure of the World System
  • Defining Geo-entrepreneurship
  • The Three Historical Stages
  • Essay Titles Release

Week 2 – Lesson 2

Knights, Sailors and Merchants in Search of Wealth and Power

  • The Order of the Knights Templar
  • Christopher Columbus
  • Jacob Fugger

Week 3 – Lesson 3

Geo-entrepreneurs behind Empires

  • The English East India Company
  • Nathan Mayer Rothschild
  • Cecil Rhodes

Week 4 – Lesson 4

Geo-entrepreneurship in the “post-Columbian Age”

  • The “Seven Sisters”
  • The “Big Three”
  • The “Invesopher” Soros

Week 5 – Lesson 5

The Rise of the “Geo-entrepreneurial Empire”

  • The “Free Lances”
  • The “Cyberspace”
  • The “Farm Race”
  • The “Blue Gold”

Week 6 – Lesson 6

The Clash of the Century        

  • Geo-entrepreneurs vs Global Government


  • Further Questions and Issues about Geo-entrepreneurs and Geo-entrepreneurship
  • Essay Submission and Final Evaluation

Cost and Terms:

You may participate in the e-learning training under the terms and by selecting one of the following options:

a) Access only to the training material of  the course (without participating in any other training procedure)

Course material cost:

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Full access to the training material and to all training procedure, which include:

  • Personal tutoring
  • Tests
  • Evaluation of the tests and recommendations of the instructor on a personal basis
  • Live communication between participants and instructors (forum, live chat, voice call)
  • Communication among participants
  • Final e-testing
  • Certification of the successful completion of the course

Course cost,
For individual participation:

€150.00 Add to cart

For group participation:

For 2 – 4 persons 5% less for each

For 5 – 10 persons 10% less for each

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