English for  Common Banking Transactions

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Course Code: CC1140114
Starts: 01 December, 2014
Duration :
Instructors: Panos Milios
Email : cc114@dgelearn.com


The course has been proposed to fill the gap of professional English language development supplementary materials, to meet the needs of end users, and offer a tool of social and working integration throughout the world market.

The structure promotes the idea of new forms of learning and teaching stressing the autonomous learner concept and training approach, which then enables the user to learn, apply and interact with the with people in real time.

The desired outcomes are; practicality, flexibility, effectiveness, a modern methodological concept, easy, simple to understand, and user friendly manipulation-navigation within a digital environment. The course features a lexical and task-based approach, and includes a progress testing element enabling learners to acquire specific skills and competences.

Task-based communicated language teaching improves upon the traditional approach since topics are tailored to the end user’s needs. The structure covers mechanisms to measure user’s achievement, as well as a general test of language awareness (ELPT), together with basic grammar structures presented in the context of speech acts involved in achieving a particular objective.


Overall objective: to enhance language skills for transnational use in the vocational training and working environment context.

Purpose: To develop a common learning/training and diagnostic tool for individual and professional.

The creation of multi-faceted didactic material for English language development and practice towards specific economic areas are based on market analysis and needs.

The aim is to develop multi-media professionally-oriented ESP (English for Special Purpose) study materials to improve technical/professional language skills, and competence of target group (adults with professional experience in need of language development, specific groups) to enhance their abilities in continuing education (Life Long Learning).

Target Group

The target groups for this are:

A: – Comprises persons that want to improve their technical English performance

B: – English language teachers at vocational schools and other persons working in the educational sector intending to evaluate students or professionals.

The course

The structure of the course is divided into topics, didactic units, exercises and grammar section. Each of these are designed from the point of view of attaining clear objectives and acquiring specific skills and competences. Learning is supported by the use of multi-media components: text, audio, graphics and animation.

The traditional approach to teaching languages is often inefficient because it does not acknowledge this, but treats each language as an academic subject with a series of levels rather than as a means of communication for specific purposes. Task-based communicative language teaching improves upon the traditional approach because it identifies the situations and tasks that the learner will actually have to deal with in English. It then divides each complex task into a series of simple steps, than practices those steps until they collapse into one smooth procedure in the mind of the student. In this way, it becomes possible for any participant to speak in the target language without thinking or translating first.

The course is related to the specific economic area, starting with a common first page. The end-users will be able to choose a Topic to visit.

Each “topic section” is divided into didactic units. The common aims for each D.U. is to give specific, attainable objectives and skills to the end-user, so that he can measure the gap from “what he had” to “what he has” form expectations to achievement.

Cost and Terms

You may participate in the e-learning training under the terms:

Full access to training material and to all training procedure, which include:

  • Personal tutoring
  • Tests
  • Evaluation of the tests and recommendations of the instructor on a personal basis
  • Live communication between participants and instructors (forum, live chat, voice call)
  • Communication among participants
  • Final e-testing
  • Certification of the successful completion of the course

Course cost,

For individual participation:

€150.00 Add to cart

For group participation:
For 2 – 4 persons 5% less for each
For 5 – 10 persons 10% less for each
For group participation please contact us.