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Seminar Code: CS2131213
Starts: 01 December, 2014
Duration : 6 weeks, 2-3 hours/week
Instructors: Panos Milios
Email : seminars@dgelearn.com

womcomSeminar Description

In certain regions within EU-countries where living standards remain quite low, the rate of unemployment amongst older people, and especially women, is quite high. Working opportunities for women over 50 years old in these areas are limited to the production of local, traditional products, and the availability of these products only to the region’s visitors. The production is based on traditional recipes that are passed from mother to daughter, using almost exclusively local materials.

Aims and expected results

The aim of the seminar is to support women over 50 years old to participate in the training activities in order to continue producing their products in the same way, but in accordance to EU legislation and to be  able to promote them to a wider market through e-commerce.

The objectives of “e-Commerce for Traditional Products, Women 50+” include support of the development and adaption of innovative ICT-based content, services, pedagogies and practices for lifelong learning through the seminar, promoting training material and delivering training in order to raise the competence level of women over 50 years old (target group).

The trainees (women 50+) participating in the seminar will have the opportunity to be trained in the following modules:

  • Organization of the production of local, traditional products in accordance with the conditions and limitations set by the EU as far as production, conservation and packaging are concerned
  • Organization of the procedures for e-commerce distribution so that the market will expand from local to national and European level
  • Provision of information to women on the procedures and requirements necessary for their biological products to be characterized as organic

The result of such training will be:

  • Reduction of unemployment amongst the sensitive target group of women 50+, of underdeveloped regions and/or with minority origin of whom the majority is of low educational level
  • Limitation of the internal migration of people coming from underdeveloped regions.
  • Increase of the opportunities of employment for the younger members of local societies.
  • Upgrading of their economic and social status
  • Preservation of the traditional production of local products
  • Promotion of local traditions to inhabitants of other parts of the county or Europe.
  • Production of products according to EU legislation and also for organic products

The seminar’s material have been developed in a very simple and friendly way, so each trainee may study by him/herself the materials following the instructions provided. Completing the seminar will have acquired knowledge to use the computer and start e-commerce activities.

The same material could be used by a trainer in classroom training to a group of trainees. In this case, each trainer could have access to the booklet “Guides to the Trainers” (Annex 1) and to the “Questionnaire for the Trainers”, (Annex 2) which will help the trainer to know the background of the trainees on ICT.

Target Group

Men and women mainly 50+ who are producing, or are planning to produce, products in a traditional way and wish to promote them to a broader market.

Genral Information

The training material of the seminar was developed for the E.U. Project  E-COMMERCE:

TITLOS PROJECT E-COMMERCEe-Commerce for traditional products – women 50+
LEADER Commercial and Industrial Chamber of Trikala (Greece)
  • DIAN Training and Management Activities (Greece)
  • Drujestvo Znanie –Sofia (Bulgaria)
  • Obshtinska Administracia – Simitli (Bulgaria)
  • European Association for Vocational and Social Education (EBG) (Germany)
  • Comunità Montana Alto Jonio (Italy)
  • Karabaglar Adult Education  Centre (Turkey)
  • Hellenic Society for Child Help and Care (HSCHC) (Greece)


All the participants will be informed every 3 months by electronic Newsletter on courses, seminars, activities, books, articles. etc. related with the course they have attended.

  LLP Logo The eCOM50+ Project was co-financed by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme.      EACEA Logo


Seminar Contents

Lesson 1

Section 1. Basic Computer Training

1.1. Introduction. Get familiar with the computer

1.2. Basic Operations

1.3. Work with MS Excel

Lesson 2

Section 2. Basic Computer Training

2.1. Internet

2.2. Training materials

2.3. Internet history

2.4. Glossary

Lesson 3

Section 3. Training to e-Commerce

3.1. Introduction to e-Commerce

3.2. e-Commerce and the Law

3.3. e-Commerce business

3.4. Payment and order processing

3.5. Understanding e-Commerce contacts

Lesson 4

Section 4. Training to e-Commerce

4.1. Develop an e-Market plan

4.2. Get the right website for your business

4.3. Building your own portal

4.4. Security and e-Commerce

4.5. Common e-Commerce pitfalls

4.6. References

Lesson 5

Section 5. Sectors of Economic Activities

5.1. Before start your new business

5.2. Sales and Selling

5.3. Marketing

5.4. Promotion

5.5. Examples of corresponding between producers and clients

Lesson 6

Section 6. Standardization

6.1. Standardization

6.2. 10 tips to producers

Cost and Terms

For any person who wants:

  • To have full access to the training material
  • To have direct communication with the scientific coordinator
  • To have direct communication with other participants of the same seminar
  • To receive the “Newsletter”

The cost is:

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