logo_240x180“DIAN GLOBAL EDUCATION” (“DGE”) 
is the natural evolution of “DIAN”, an organization with a successful 25-year history in education, training and lifelong learning. DIAN was founded by Panos Milios, an education professional with a long experience in teaching, educational institution management and publications, and has trained a large number of students and adults in many countries, in a multitude of topics at varying academic levels.

Today, the way we learn and acquire knowledge is constantly changing, and education and training have become lifelong matters. People find themselves in increasingly demanding and changing environments, and are facing an endless information flow, which necessitates that they seek ways to update their knowledge, be reeducated and retrained.

Additionally, the way we provide training and education has changed dramatically. Traditional forms of education are no longer sufficient to cover the needs of present-day learning. Innovative methods that are becoming popular around the world are distance learning and teleducation, all applicable to the e-learning concept.

DGE offers courses and seminars to professionals and students alike in carefully selected topics, which meet their needs for continuing learning and are designed in such a way as to respond to the most demanding current needs. Our course and seminar programs consolidate 25 years of educational expertise in a student-friendly and affordable e-learning environment.

Our programs follow a generally accepted academic plan, while addressing users’ needs and personal study habits.

Each educational and training activity is supervised by a board of specialists on each particular topic that ensures the academic accuracy, the completeness of the content and the validity of the learning process.

Participants are able to personally communicate:

  • with the course instructors in order to receive answers to any questions they might have related to educational issues
  • with a facilitator in order to settle and arrange any technical questions or ask for information they need regarding the procedure, the organization and the implementation of the program in which they are registered.

The academic associates of DGE are experts in education, with training experience in their fields.